Easy Fabric Wash 500ml

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CLEAN & MORE Easy fabric wash is a 100% organic, bio catalyst based product. It can be used for clothes soaking. It replaces products like, detergent powders & fabric conditioners, etc.




  • 1. For Manual Wash:
    a Take half bucket water
    b Add 10 to 15ml CLEAN & MORE Easy Fabric Wash (depending on the volume of clothes) in it
    c Soak all clothes in the solution for 30 minutes & wash normally.
  • 2. For Machine Wash:
    a Dilute 5 to 10ml CLEAN & MORE Easy Fabric Wash (depending on the volume of clothes) in little water
    b Add this diluted solution to the detergent tray of washing machine
    c Program the washing in your regular way

For tough stains apply a diluted solution of 1 to 2ml CLEAN & MORE Easy Fabric Wash in 3 to 6ml water on stained or the dirtiest surfaces of clothes & rub gently. Wash in regular way by following the above usage instructions.

Why CLEAN & MORE Easy Fabric Wash?

  • Low Foam Formulation
  • 100% Eco Friendly
  • Retains Fabric Colours
  • Saves Water
  • Equally Effective in Salty and Hard Water
  • Chlorine, Phosphate, Sulphate & Dye Free. Hence, Non-allergic
  • Cleans Drainage while Decanting Wash Water


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