Under Eye Gel 50 gm

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Cocoa Extract: Delays the signs of ageing, keeps skin healthy and activates fat-burn.

Chicory Flower Extract: Visibly erases the signs of fatigue and gives anti-aging effects.

Vitamin E:Moisturizes skin.

Vitamin C:Anti-Aging & Brighter, Healthier Skin



It is said that eyes are the mirrors of our soul & every beautiful soul deserves beautiful eyes! Under eye dark circles and wrinkles are those initial bothering aging signs appearing on our face. Presenting the exclusive Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Under Eye Gel that effectively & naturally reduces the ageing signs around the eyes. This herbal formulation promotes under eye blood circulation, reduces puffiness, tightens the skin instantly and thereby visibly reducing dark circles & other ageing signs. It contains Cocoa Extract, Chicory Flower Extract along with Vitamin E & C.

  • Helps to promote under eye blood circulation
  • Helps to reduce puffiness
  • Gives instant tightening results
  • Helps to reduce dark circles


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